Friday, October 28, 2011

a day well spent

Thursday was a hard day for Evelyn and me.  She was a bit sick, spitting up all day.  I was a bit sick of changing our clothes every couple of hours.  Naps didn't last longer than 15 minutes at a time, but crying lasted far longer.  And it certainly didn't help that Kevin had to work from 7 AM until nearly 9 PM. 

When Friday (today) rolled around, I frankly wanted a break from being a mom. 

But tonight as I think about my friends Brandon and Mandy, who are going to their baby's funeral tomorrow, or I read about this woman who lost her sweet son a month ago, my heart breaks. 

And I know that tomorrow I will not let Evelyn go.  I will hold my baby, and she will hold her mommy.  And Saturday will be our day.  Laundry, cleaning, all those silly things?  They can wait.  There are more important things to accomplish, like getting my hair pulled out by tiny, strong baby hands.  And getting my face all wet because those same chubby hands like to go straight from her mouth to my face.  And whispered morning conversations, trying not to wake Daddy but failing because we're just so excited to see each other after our night apart.  And songs to sing and dances to dance and books to be read and laughs to coax out.

And it will be a day well spent.

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  1. What a sweet post. And what heartache for your friends.
    A thankful heart like yours can sweeten even the hardest of days!