Tuesday, September 6, 2011

how we met


I thought I might write you a letter about how your dad and I met and eventually got married.

I was from Colorado, although I had been living in New Mexico for the past year, working with Campus Crusade for Christ.  Kevin was from Minnesota and never ever wanted to live anywhere else.

We both liked other people.

We first met in San Diego in May 2007.  We were staffing a summer project with Cru.  The first time I noticed him was in one of our first staff meetings, sitting across the room.  He was a bit of a show-off, talking and laughing loudly to draw attention.  I liked his laugh though.  I introduced myself after the meeting and told him that I thought we were going to be great friends.  And that's when it started.

Everyone knew he liked me and they teased me about it.  They also knew that I wouldn't commit to him.  We went on a couple dates.  I thought they were great, he thought they were awkward - guess I was accustomed to bad dates.  We had a "staff hunt" where the staff disguised themselves and hung out on the beach, and the students had find us.  We were a couple and I was hugely pregnant with a pillow.  I went on a couple dates with other men too.  I turned Kevin down when he wanted to go out again.  He kept pursuing me anyway.

At the end of the summer project all the staff went to debrief and relax, hanging out at Disneyland for a couple days.  While there, some girls and I made lists of qualities that we were looking for in a future husband.  It made one girl break up with her boyfriend.  It made me realize that Kevin had those qualities.  So after iur team dinner I asked if he wanted to go walk around Disneyland with me.  That night I told him I had reconsidered, and we started our relationship.

Unfortunately, the next day I left for Colorado and he left for Minnesota.  We saw each other once more before he left to spend a year in Mexico City.  Long distance was hard.  We made it through though.  He moved to Colorado and proposed after a few months.  The rest is history.  And you.

We met in May 2007.
We began dating in July.
He moved to Mexico in August.
He moved to Colorado in July 2008.
We got engaged in October.
We got married on March 21, 2009.
You joined us on June 10, 2011.

And that's our story so far.

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