Thursday, August 18, 2011


I remember this happening last Thursday.  I'm alone with Evelyn all day long, no car to go anywhere, Monday through Friday.  And by Thursday afternoon we just get sick of each other. 

Every time I put her down to nap something happens.  Ruby, who I'm this close to punching, barks at every single car driving by.  Because they're that much of a threat, apparently.  And she wakes Evelyn up, who then proceeds to scream as if Ruby had just eaten her leg or something.  End of the world scream.  Or my phone rings.  Or a solicitor rings our doorbell because they can't actually comprehend that the sign reading No Solicitors on our door is intended for them.

So Evelyn and I are tired of each other, and Kevin has open house at school tonight, so he won't be here to relieve me until at least 8:00.  The baby is currently complaining in her crib so that I won't just start crying with exhaustion and frustration.  And I am eating for the first time since 9 AM.  And doing dishes.  And laundry.  Because that's what my "down-time" now consists of.

I can't wait for bed.

There.  This is all the complaining I'm going to do.  I have allowed myself 15 minutes, and now I have regained my sanity and can be a good mom again.

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