Tuesday, August 30, 2011

this stage

Dear Evelyn,

I have loved you for about 2 1/2 months now (if I don't include the time you lived in my tummy).  And while I loved you when you were smaller, I love the stage you're in right now.  I continue to marvel at you every day.  You're my new favorite person.

You can hold your head up pretty well, although you're still somewhat weighted down by those cheeks.  And sometimes you don't want to because you're such a snuggler and you would rather rest your head on my shoulder or under my chin.

You try to hold your bottle.

You like to hold my finger.

You smile all the time.

You're a flirt and a ham.

You're a talker like your daddy.

You have the most amazing, chunky thighs that I just can't get enough of.  I love to squeeze them and kiss them when I change your diaper.

Your favorite place to nap is on me, which you will do for hours at a time.

You pay attention to the pictures when I read you a book.

You like to watch Ruby play.

Your cheeks are the most kissable things in the world.  I'm surprised they aren't chapped from all the kisses they get every day.

You sleep from 8 PM 'til 6 AM in your crib without waking.

You love to be outside, either swinging or going on walks.  You like to stare at the blue sky.

You love it when I sing to you.  You smile and try to sing too.

You're even cuter when you're sad.  That bottom lip comes out, your mouth turns down, and I laugh and melt at the same time.  It's heartbreaking.

You open your mouth wide to kiss us.

You're losing your hair, so it's a hilarious combination of long, fine, and thin.  Add to that your dad's hairability to stick straight out from the head and it's quite unfortunate.  But no one is looking past your gorgeous face anyway, so it's okay.

You're getting so tall!  Size 0-3 months clothes are all outgrown and packed away, and some of the 3 months are outgrown as well.  Some of the 6 month clothes we have already fit you.  You are going to be so tall and beautiful!  You already are!

Everyone who meets you falls in love with you.  You should see your Uncle Zach, he's ridiculous.

Evelyn, I am so excited to watch you grow up! You can do more and more every day, and I'm so proud of you!  Just don't do it too quickly, okay?


  1. I like the new blog look and I love those pictures of that cute little girl! I'm so glad you love being a mommy. Isn't it the greatest thing ever?

  2. Yes, it absolutely is the greatest thing ever! If I had know I would enjoy it so much, I would have gotten knocked up years ago! ;)

    Seriously though - I feel like this is what I was made to do.