Thursday, June 23, 2011


Evelyn Mae has decided that instead of trying to be the perfect baby, she is just going to shoot for average baby.  What all does this entail?  Waking up to eat or poop every hour and half during the night.  And then staying awake for at least an hour afterward.  Crying/screaming during the night instead of just making little sweet noises.  Lots and lots of spit up.  And since she is still so small and only fits in about 4 of her newborn onesies, that means lots of laundry for me.  Blowouts that make Dad shriek "Help!"

I am managing this all pretty well, I think.  The transition from perfect baby to normal baby has left me tired and sleep-deprived, but I've noticed an increase in patience.  I didn't have high expectations of Evelyn in the first place, so she's now behaving the way that I expected her to act the whole time.

I'm continuing to feel better physically as the medication takes the excess fluid out of my body.  To give you a bit of an idea, I gave birth on Friday.  The following Tuesday, I actually weighed 3 pounds more than when I was pregnant because the fluids were just continuing to build up in my body.  After being on the medication from Thursday until the next Tuesday, I had dropped 13 pounds of fluid.  That's a lot of water that my body needed to get rid of, and it's still shedding it.  I now have my ankles and knees back, and there is a difference in the size of my thighs and calves now.  Still a little swollen, but much much better, and I can breathe.

And finally, here is a cool picture I snapped of Ruby and Evelyn this morning.  Don't worry, Kevin was sitting right next to them.  Aren't pit bulls terrifying?!  ;)
a little kiss

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