Tuesday, January 25, 2011

stubborn like its mother

I had an ultrasound today and we were supposed to learn Baby's sex.  But oh no, not this baby.  This baby is stubborn and uncooperative.  It kept its legs together the entire time, even though I had felt it moving like crazy most of the day.  And it wouldn't move at all.  The technician couldn't even get any good photos of it's head or heart; after 45 minutes she finally got one face picture (it looks like a scary Halloween skeleton). 

Olga the ultrasound technician said that if she had to guess, she would guess it's a girl.  Apparently baby boys tend to tuck their hands between their legs while in the womb, but our baby was waving its arms around like a diva.  So if that's the case, we either have a girl or a very flamboyant boy.  Drama Queen.  Like its father.

Since Olga didn't have much luck, they're sending me to another place to get another ultrasound in February.  I don't know why, maybe they have better equipment there.  And the mystery continues...

In other news, I have felt Baby move like crazy these last few days.  Not little flutters like before, but actual genuine movement that can't be mistaken for anything else.  Baby likes to move it, move it when it hears manly voices.  Last night it started twitching and moving around while Kevin was talking to me in bed.  And today, nothing until my brother got in the car and started talking to me.  Movement stopped when Uncle Dustin left for an hour, but resumed once he got back in the car.  Stinkin' baby.  I spend all day talking to that kid, and it only gets excited when it hears a man's voice.  Again, it must be a girl.  Or a very flamboyant boy.

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