Friday, January 14, 2011

18 weeks

Yay, 18 weeks along, and the length of a sweet potato!  Yummy.  And today is my 28th birthday.

Eleven days until we find out the sex!  Although I just recently found out about someone (friend of a friend) who had numerous ultrasounds all saying that the baby was a boy.  And then out popped a little girl!  So I'm a little untrusting of ultrasounds at the moment.

I was speaking with my Aunt Caryn on the phone the other day, laughing about how my cousin is expecting twins.  Caryn said "Yes, but we're the most excited for your baby, and she will be the most loved because you had to fight for her."  Even Caryn naturally says she and her at this point.  Now I know that my baby will not be any more or less loved than its cousins; my family would never play favorites like that.  But it's true that we consider more precious that which we have to work for or fight for.  While my sister and Kate had no problems conceiving children and even did so as teenagers, I was told that it would be difficult to have children.  I even knew that in my heart before the doctor told me.  And I am ten years older than my sister and Kate were when they had children.  So this baby is all the more precious and valuable to me because I didn't know if it would ever exist, and we hoped and prayed for it.

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