Saturday, November 6, 2010

pigs in a blanket

My dad is here demolishing our master bathroom.  Because once it's demolished, we can build an actual usable bathroom, as well as move into the master bedroom.  Kevin took it upon himself to cook pigs in a blanket for their snack.

Baby Rice and I have decided that pigs in a blanket just may be the worst thing we've smelled since she's been a part of my life.  We have currently barricaded ourselves, plus Ruby the dog, in my bedroom so that the smell is not as overwhelming and odoriferous.  It may be too late though - this morning's breakfast is threatening to come up as we speak.

I think I can officially add pigs in a blanket to the list of food I will not be able to eat even after I give birth.  Along with lasagna and french dip sandwiches.

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