Monday, November 8, 2010

name suggestions

I was taking care of my nephews Blake and Cody this morning.  For some reason I renamed them Mooley and Shmiley, which was pretty darn funny to them.  Especially since I only spoke with a Russian accent.  Anyway, on the way to school they informed me that they were no longer named Mooley and Shmiley, they are Blake Gabriel and Cody Tyler.  I said that those are pretty good names, I guess.  And then I asked them, if I ever have a baby, what should I name it?  Cody says that if I ever have a boy, I should name him Brian.  And then he suggested Sadie for a girl.  Blake immediately shot down Sadie since it was our old dog's name, and instead recommended Peddy.  Yeah, Peddy.  Maybe it's Pettie.  Either way.

So, despite those wonderful suggestions by my delightful nephews, we will not be naming our baby Brian or Sadie or Peddy.

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