Thursday, November 11, 2010

doctor update

Yesterday I went to see my new obstetrician Dr. Raley.  I would have loved to stay with Dr. Moseman because she is a wonderful gynecologist, but she doesn't do OB.  Regardless, I would recommend her to anyone here in Colorado Springs (here's her website).

Anyway, I didn't have an ultrasound yesterday like I hoped I would, so Kevin didn't come.  I know that once he hears the baby's heartbeat, or sees it on the ultrasound, it will become a lot more real to him.  Probably not as real as it is to me, since I'm the one who feels like I'm being stabbed with a screwdriver.  Naughty Rice.

Dr. Raley seems nice.  She says that everything is looking pretty normal for me.  During my exam she did inform me that I have a tilted uterus, which she says should be pretty fun during labor.  I should have more back pain because of it.  Yippee!!  I made an appointment for 4 weeks from now (end of the first trimester) and Kevin will come with me to that one.  Dr. Raley will hopefully let us hear the heartbeat.  She'll also do some bloodwork to test for gestational diabetes, for which I'm high-risk since I have polycystic ovarian syndrome and I'm insulin resistent.  She asked if I want her to run the tests for down syndrome and cystic fibrosis and all that fun stuff.  Kevin and I have already decided that we won't get those tests done.  It doesn't matter to us if the baby has problems like that - it wouldn't change our course of action.  Many women who get those tests do it so that they can terminate the pregnancy if there's a known problem.  That's not an option for us, so we're opting not to do the tests.

My next ultrasound will be at 20 weeks, the end of January.  We should be able to find out Rice's gender then, which is the next milestone I'm looking forward to.

In other news, I still have not gained any weight during this pregnancy and have in fact lost a couple pounds.  I can still feel my body changing though.  Like the weight is repositioning itself.  My tummy feels a little rounder (unless that's my imagination), and I can't suck it in anymore because it hurts a bit.  And my stupid boobs are getting bigger.  To some women, that may be welcome, but I'm already a D-cup and I dread getting bigger.  Ugh.  But like I said, it just seems like my weight is repositioning itself.  My wedding and engagement rings fit better than they ever have, and slip on and off with ease.  So apparently finger fat has become boob fat.  Joy.  I am wearing looser clothes - not loose enough to look like I'm hiding something, but loose enough to disguise the fact that I need a new bra.  I see my sister everyday, and she hasn't guessed yet, so I only have to keep the charade up for another two weeks.  I deserve a stinkin Oscar though, the way I've been acting like I feel great and hiding my morning sickness from her every day. 

Only two weeks until Thanksgiving!  And then we tell the whole family!!  We're excited to make the announcement in person to my family, and it will be fun to tell Kevin's family over the phone.

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