Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Good enough title for the first blog, I think.

To give everyone a bit of background knowledge, I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome in June 2010.  You can find out more information on PCOS here.  Basically, both of my ovaries are covered in blood-filled cysts, and I was not ovulating at all.  Which means infertility.  My gynecologist put me on a drug called Glumetza, which is similar to a diabetes medication, in order to better control the insulin that my body wasn't processing and to cause me to ovulate.  Diabetes drug + infertility medication in one.  I also took sugar out of my diet.  Not so fun.

For all intents and purposes infertile, Kevin and I had stopped using birth control months before.  We figured that since I was most likely going to have a lot of trouble conceiving, we didn't want to waste any opportunity to have a baby.  I didn't want to spend two years on birth control, trying not to get pregnant, and then spend 10 years trying to get pregnant.

On Friday, October 22nd, I found out that I was pregnant with a little miracle.  I had suspected for a week or two because of the generally weird way that my body felt, but I procrastinated in taking a pregnancy test because they have consistently lead to disappointment.  But I took two tests at the beginning of the week.  They both came back inconclusive, which is a step up from negative.  Still suspecting, I waited until Friday and then bought a 3-pack of tests from my friendly neighborhood Walgreens.  My Friday morning pee stick had my first + sign.  Still feeling cautious, I didn't tell Kevin.  I received a Pregnant on my Saturday morning test, and another + on Sunday.  At that point I was confident enough to break the news to the husband.  While in bed, I hid a Father's Guide to Pregnancy book under his pillow.  When he came back from the bathroom, he found it and, after a moment of blurry-faced confusion, got the message.

So this is the beginning of the journey.  Morning sickness (a slight misnomer since I have it about 20 hours a day) has been super great.  I am always tired, and there are awesome shooting pains in my tummy.  And the risks of my pregnancy with PCOS are looming over my head; I am high rick for miscarriages (through the whole pregnancy, not just the first trimester), as well as have an ectopic pregnancy, develop preeclampsia, deliver prematurely, or give birth to twins or triplets.  So yes, I'm absolutely terrified.

But happy.

My first ultrasound is tomorrow, I will let you know how it goes.

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